Spain jumps into top five countries for expats according to HSBC’s 2019 Expats Explorer Survey

According to the 12th edition of HSBC’s Expat Survey 2019 -carried out with more than 18.000 expats-, Spain has climbed from number 14 to number 4 in the ranking of 33 best countries to live and work abroad, just after Switzerland, Singapore and Canada.

As reported by HSBC, Spain stands out in two of the three main categories used to compare the countries:

“Living”: includes wellbeing (quality of life, physical & mental wellbeing and fulfillment) and society (cultural, open and welcoming communities, political stability and ease on settling in).
“Little expats”: includes making friends, learning and schooling.

On the other hand, the category in which Spain still has room for improvement is “Aspiring”, that includes finances (income and economic stability) and ambition (career progression, reaching potential and work and life balance).

Compared to the first ranked country, Switzerland, Spain lags behind in incomes (the average salary in Switzerland amounts 111.587 € while in Spain the average salary is 23.645 €) political stability, incomes, economic stability, and career progression, but stands out regarding work/life balance, cultural, open and welcoming communities, physical & mental wellbeing, fulfillment and ease of settling in.

On balance, all this should help to understand Expat’s needs and concerns, and also the countries to analyze in which areas they’re still able to improve.