Insolvency and Corporate Crisis Management

We have a multidisciplinary team of respected professionals (lawyers, economists, financial analysts) with extensive experience in dealing with corporate crisis situations. This allows us to advise on the different legal and financial aspects that affect companies in situations of insolvency. Our services include:

  • Legal and strategic planning for crisis situations and reorganization of companies and corporate groups.
  • Advice during the pre-insolvency stage in order to reach the necessary agreements with creditors to avoid the possible insolvency.
  • Restructuring and refinancing in corporate crisis situations.
  • Preparation and legal representation for bankruptcy proceedings, and ongoing advisory services throughout the proceedings, including negotiations with creditors, financial institutions and suppliers.
  • Acting as legally appointed representative for bankruptcy administration on behalf of companies in bankruptcy proceedings. // Serving as bankruptcy lawyers/administrators.
  • Representing creditors and taking legal action on their behalf: acknowledging and challenging loans, motions in bankruptcy proceedings, cancellation suits.
  • Advice regarding directors’ liability deriving from insolvency proceedings.
  • Advice in cases involving criminal liability.
  • Acting as bankruptcy administrators by appointment of the commercial courts of Barcelona, Madrid or Valencia.
  • Recognition and execution of court decisions issued in foreign bankruptcy proceedings.
  • Enforcement of guarantees.