Infrastructure and PPP & PPI Projects

  • Advice on all phases of public contracting procedures (public tenders, bids, negotiation and subsequent implementation of government contracts) for private companies as well as government bodies.
  • Development of the legal aspects of PPP and PPI projects, and in general, public infrastructure projects (roads, railroads, ports, airports or other services) involving the private sector.
  • Negotiating and finalizing financing agreements for public infrastructure construction or equipment supply.
  • Setting up of joint ventures and other types of partnership agreements between private companies to carry out infrastructure projects.
  • Advice for public bodies on drafting public tender documents and other contractual documents.
  • Advice for private companies on negotiating and monitoring their construction or engineering contracts, as either contract awardees or subcontractors on infrastructure projects.
  • Legal representation in administrative and contentious-administrative proceedings deriving from public tenders and/or the implementation of government contracts.