Distribution and Franchising

Our staff includes lawyers specialized in the legal and financial relationships involved in modern distribution channels:

  • Advice on setting up distribution networks, both in Spain and abroad, selecting the most suitable agreements and mechanisms for each area.
  • Advice on restructuring networks: termination or renewal of agreements with agents, distributors and franchisees. Drafting contractual documents and/or taking legal action.
  • Advice regarding the termination of agency, distribution and franchise agreements, in order to minimize the financial impact.
  • Advice for Spanish or foreign franchisors encompassing all legal areas: commercial, real estate, patent, data protection, e-commerce, taxation, regulatory compliance, labor, consumer rights, etc.
  • Legal auditing of franchisors, not only to assess their level of legal compliance, but also to improve network operations.
  • Establishing mechanisms to reduce delinquent payments and improve cash flow from distributors and franchisees.
  • Protection of know-how, trademarks, patents and other intangible assets for manufacturers and franchisors.
  • Creating master franchisee and sub-distributor structures.
  • Advice for Spanish franchisors on the process of international expansion.
  • Creating purchasing hubs or networks.
  • Advice on consumer rights, e-commerce and product liability.

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