Corporate & commercial

Commercial Agreements

  • Agreements regarding the manufacture, supply, sale or purchase of consumer’s goods, raw materials, industrial equipment, services, etc. 
  • FIDIC agreements, turnkey agreements for industrial plants, complex machinery, etc.
  • License agreements.
  • Transportation agreements.

Corporate law

  • Previous planning and incorporation of companies and other type of entities.
  • Drafting By Laws and Shareholders’ Agreements for shareholders or joint venture members.
  • Defense of the interests of majority or minority shareholders in conflicts among them.
  • Control and monitoring of subsidiaries in Spain or abroad; establishment of domestic or international holding structures.
  • Keeping the companies’ official books and acting as legal secretary.
  • Calling and attending shareholders’ meetings.
  • Advice to Board members and Directors regarding their liabilities.
  • Advice to shareholders regarding the exercise of their rights.
  • Design and implementation of Corporate Governance structures.

Conflicts among shareholders

  • Claims from the majority shareholders toward the companies’ managers or the minority shareholders. 
  • Contesting void or voidable corporate resolutions.
  • Claims regarding the liability of legal or “de facto” directors.
  • Processes regarding the exclusion or separation of shareholders in any type of companies, including the professional limited liability companies.
  • Criminal actions for unfair management, misappropriation or other white collar crimes.
  • Drafting shareholders agreements aimed to prevent conflict situations and providing the necessary tools to solve them. 

Corporate Governance

  • Preparation and attendance to Shareholders’ Meetings.
  • Annual reports on corporate governance and Board Members’ compensation.
  • Organization, structure and functioning of the Board of Directors and its commissions.
  • Advice on the compensation of Board Members and managers.
  • Drafting of rulings for the shareholders’ and board’s meetings and codes of conduct. 

Unfair competition

  • Advice on matters related to this area, such as publicity laws, consumers’ rights and Antitrust.