Civil and Commercial Proceedings

Our team is highly experienced and rigorous in the field of civil and commercial litigation, as well as proceedings involving government bodies. Our clients receive advice which enables them to evaluate the different alternatives, possibilities and consequences of legal actions. Once proceedings have been initiated, they receive detailed information on all procedures involved. Our lawyers’ actions are characterized by rigor and strategic planning.

On many occasions, we put together a multi-disciplinary team for each case. This enables us to combine the knowledge of our experts in adjective law and specialists in the substantive law concerned.

These procedures primarily deal with issues such as:

  • Validity, interpretation, implementation and termination of civil and commercial contracts.
  • Support and mediation in company-related conflicts and legal situations. Conflicts between shareholders, challenges to corporate resolutions.
  • Execution of extra-statutory agreements.
  • Product liability, claims filed by consumers and users, and extra-contractual civil liability.
  • Urban leases and horizontal property.
  • Urban planning, development and construction contracts.
  • Contractual and extra-contractual liability proceedings.
  • Liability of administrators, auditors, directors and professionals.
  • Commercial distribution, agency, supply and franchise contracts.
  • Proceedings related to copyright and patent rights and unfair competition.
  • Execution of personal securities and security interests.
  • Implementation of foreign and domestic arbitration decisions and awards.

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