Andorra Desk

As a result of the Firm’s close collaboration with the Andorra Chamber of Commerce in recent years, we have played an active role in designing and regulating the new tax system for the Principality of Andorra (new laws governing direct and indirect taxes). We have also been involved in drafting the bills that have led to opening the country up to foreign investment.

Andorra's new legal framework contains a taxation system that is highly attractive to individuals and corporations. It features lower tax rates and tax incentives for international financial activities.  At the same time, because of these reforms, Andorra is no longer on the list of tax havens.  All of this, together with the new regulations governing foreign investment, make Andorra truly inviting for foreign investment.

As a result of the work we have been doing in recent years, we have a comprehensive understanding of the country's legal and tax regulations, as well as its investment opportunities.

A specialized team of the Firm's professionals provides tax and legal advisory services for international investors, as well as taking all action necessary to incorporate companies in Andorra.

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